The magical bickering torches are always bickering, usually about someone else.

The bickering torch found in Flatheadia Castle in 883 GUE bickering about things such as, "All the other torches were picking on me", "Everyone likes the flickering torch better than me", "I saw the guttering torch wasting oil!", "How come I didn't get made out of top-quality wood like the other torches?", "The muttering torch was talking about burning down the castle."

The bickering torch found in a torch-holder on the outside of the Stone Barrow (along with a flickering torch), near the White House sometime between circa 966~1000 GUE named itself El Grande Queso. This prideful torch, which may have been the very same one from Flatheadia, doused when brought into extreme darkness, explicit danger, or untamed underground animal life (such as grues).

SOURCE(S): Zork Zero, Zork Grand Inquisitor