Flathead Stadium, located just outside Anthar to the north, is supposedly large enough to hold every man, woman, and child in Quendor. The Stadium is often referred to as "The House That Babe Built," a tribute to Babe Flathead's popularity as a gate attraction. In fact Dimwit Flathead ordered the construction of the stadium in 782 GUE in Babe's honor. From that year onward a whole range of sporting events were held in the stadium, including Double Fanucci tournaments, dragonfights, and shark-wrestling, which led to Babe's death in 789. This tragedy did not prevent the continuation of shark-wrestling every weekend during the summer , which was said to be an exciting experience if one who stomach the gore.

Admission to the Flathead Stadium to witness the shark-wrestling was a mere Zm0.75 in 873 GUE.

SOURCE(S): Zork II (G.U.E. on Nine Zorkmids a Day), Zork Zero (game, Flathead Calendar)