Forburn the Wily, Double Fanucci champion, raised the level of play in Double Fanucci championships the moment he was dealt his cards. With a handicap of only 0.01, his greatest skill was drawing Trebled Fromps.

Born sometime before 883 GUE, Forburn never formally studied magic, but won a spell book from an unsuspecting G.U.E. Tech student in a 902 GUE Fanucci match. Bringing new meaning to the word "chiseler" wherever he went, his most famous saying was, "The Encyclopedia Frobozzica calls Double Fanucci a 'game played with cards.' I don't play games; I don't play anything."

People acquainted with Double Fanucci know that there is a 79 point play named after Forburn himself, called the Forburn Chisel.

SOURCE(S): Spellbreaker (trading cards)