The wise Glenfizzlewizzle was the chief advisor and soothsayer to King Anatinus. During the reign of Simon the Postman, the fur of this grizzled-beak platypus was almost completely white, and seemed stooped with age within his heavy scholarly robes of deepest jet.

On Simon's first visit to the Misty Island, this aged scholar assisted him by preparing a lengthy conjuration to help locate the Wishbringer stone. On the postman's second visit, Glenfizzlewizzle had been able to "narrow" down the location of Wishbringer to the island of Greater Witchville (unless of course it had been hiding somewhere in North Festeron). The platypus also was familiar of a prophecy that told of a human, when kissed by Princess Tasmania, would turn into a handsome platypus. It was discovered that Simon was not this one.


SOURCE(S): Wishbringer (novel)