This King Anatinus, presumably a descendant of the original Anatinus, reigned over all platypus kind from the Misty Island during the twelfth (and possibly thirteenth) century. Though overly hospitable, and truly humble, King Anatinus was easily offended, punishing those who disrespected him, as well as criminals, with a long-term sentences of backbreaking labor in the Antharia Granola Mines.

When the Witchville curse was first initated in 1157 GUE, Anatinus was an aged white platypus, commonly arrayed in high platypus fashion, such as a robe of regal purple. Princess Tasmania, the king's daughter, was commonly rescued from dangers by the current human postal worker who was aiming to defeat Gladys The Evil One and the curse. Any human who rescued his daughter from Witchville treachery was a friend of the platypuses and he did not keep back from rewarding those who did.

One of the most important events of the reign of this Anatinus was his generous award to the first postal worker, an unknown human who saved his daughter. Knowing that this human would not be able to get inside the tower of The Evil One without a magic word capable of opening the gates of the tower, he bestowed the postal worker with a wizard's hat decorated with foil stars and cheap glitter. Thus Anatinus helped him to bring about the temporary downfall of Gladys The Evil One in the nearby village of Festeron.

The other known important event occurred during the time of Simon the Postman, who visited the King on two seperate instances during the same night. Anatinus instructed his advisors, Glenfizzlewizzle and the Honorable Roger to assist Simon in the location of Witchville and to ensure the safety of his own kingdom.

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