The lengedary Great Sage of Quests knew all that one could know about quests past, present and future and was able to provide answers for adventurers before the question even rolled off their lips. Although he had gained an almost holy reputation among adventurers, he remained reclusive because of the vast number of people who were always questing at any given time.  To make matters worse, he was almost immediately recognizable by any adventurer who found him, even if they had had no prior knowledge of him before the encounter. His questing advice had always been viewed as accurate, blunt and lacking in showmanship, eager as he was to escape scrutiny and find a new hiding place. One must wonder, however, why he was always found by adventurers when he allegedly knew everything about quests and could theoretically always avoid the presence of any adventurer. The most common mainstream spectulations are that he liked helping people more than he pretended to, or that there was something that compelled him to give the advice that he gave.

Detective "Softly", who was let down by the quality of the sage's showmanship, stumbled upon the Great Sage in the Jungles of Miznia while seeking the hideout of Oldric the Pirate during the Great Monster Uprising. The Sage simply urged the adventurer to keep heading "this way."

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork (game, personal correspondence with author of 'Enter the Face Breaker' quest)