Oldric the Pirate was a pirate who operated a smuggling ring between the Westlands and Antharia, locating treasures lost to the ages with the standard adventuring fare.
Like many villains of his calibre, this gentleman with an eye patch and a hook for a hand, had hideouts and secret lairs hidden in many parts of the world. At least one of Oldric's henchmen may have had a peg leg.

His smuggling operations were halted by Bozbik the Face Breaker, however, and his unnamed though recognizable ship (it had a seemingly too-short mast) became blacklisted at most major ports. 
However, Oldric kept in touch with his crew and was able to call on them to help with future criminal activities, such as when he joined forces with Beldric the Enchanter and Tandric the Trapwright to finish off Bozbik the Face Breaker once and for all during the Great Monster Uprising.

For this final scheme, the three were able to shrewdly recruit a man in Mizniaport, known only by his alias "Detective Softly", into recovering the Spear of Zoz for them (a weapon they believed would give them a considerable advantage over Bozbik) without drawing attention to themselves. To do this, they first manipulated "Softly" into finding the Dice of Gnilbel, which would always magically reveal the location of the spear. Discovering through this arcane means that the weapon was in Fenshire, "Softly" set out to recover it.
Beldric presented him with a crystal ball so that the detective's journey would be observed all the while from afar. 

Prior to the retrieval of the legendary spear, Bozbik himself recovered the relic and planned to place it in his soon-to-open Museum of Face Breaking. Oldric, Beldric, and Tandric later assaulted Bozbik at the Miznia Marshlands and snatched the Spear of Zoz off his back. The trio returned to their super secret clubhouse in the Jungles of Miznia, then, after ransacking the place, left in a hurry for the Fields of Frotzen. When "Softly" arrived at the hideout, he was too late. He and Bozbik also discovered Tandric's headquarters in the Forest of Youth to be vacant. The two finally tracked down the trio at the Fields of Frotzen, defeated them, recovered the Spear of Zoz, and took the three tied-up villians back to Mizniaport.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork (game, personal correspondence from the author of 'Enter the Face Breaker' quest)