As an enemy of Bozbik the Face Breaker's father, the mage Gnilbel invested a great amount of time and resources into the creation of a set of dice that were designed to always guide their user to the present location of the Spear of Zoz. For example, when the Spear was located in Fenshire, one of the die spun through the air and, as if drawn by a magnet, landed upon Fenshire on a map of the world, where the letter "Z" briefly flashed on the top of the die before it crumbled into a pile of ash. But shortly after, when the Spear was taken to the Jungles of Miznia, all of the current dice fell in a suspiciously linear arrangement, briefly revealing the letters BJOAJN GP TFMHOVK. For this mysterious code to be unraveled, one had to do a single letter shift (B became A, C became B, etc) and then rearrange the letters from back to front. The final recorded observance of their working, including a single die which, falling to the ground with a rune of an arrow pointing in the direction of the spear before crumbling into a pile of ash.

No one is entirely sure how many of the dice existed, especially since they seemed to fade from reality when used. However, as at least five people have handled them over history and they never quite seemed to run out, some think that the dice may be capable of regenerating and pulling themselves back into existence after a time. It is also slightly possible that the dice had a mind of their own and were actually fans of Bozbik's bloodline as they had a knack for either disappearing entirely (such as when Bozbik's father first learned of their existence) or gave more helpful information to those who might be more kindly disposed to using the Spear of Zoz for more noble goals. These magical relics always seem to have been carried in a leather pouch with the word "Gnilbel" written on the outside.

At some point the dice were eventually hidden at the Tidal Flats. A band of pirates, enemies of Bozbik the Face Breaker's father, sought the Dice of Gnilbel. They had fully intended to use the oracular device to lead them to the Spear of Zoz. However, before they could unbury them, they crashed (allegedly due to their own problems navigating the Tidal Flats, not through any interference from adventurers), were captured by authorities, and sentenced to hang at the gallows. All that is known beyond this is that the captain was incredibly, some would say almost supernaturally, skilled with using a bow and arrows. Upon the crew's death, they became thin, skeletal ghost pirates upon their very own phatasmal vessel that had crashed and was now barely sea worthy. Their ghost ship sailed along the Tidal Flats from time to time, appearing in a cloud of dark, green fog. The captain of the ship still sought vengeance.

During the Great Monster Uprising, legends of the Dice of Gnilbel reached the ears of "Detective Softly," whose quest to find them brought him to the Tidal Flats and the ghost ship. When the name of Bozbik was mentioned to the captain, he pulled a crossbow from within his coat, took aim and fired. The arrow lodged into a rock, which when rolled away, revealed a small hole containing the leather pouch which held the dice. These dice led "Softly" to Fenshire, but Bozbik nabbed the Spear of Zoz only moments before it could be acquired. Later, when the Spear had been stolen, the dice led "Softly" to its present location in the Jungles of Miznia.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork (game, personal correspondence from the author of 'Enter the Face Breaker' quest)