Grovnar, the Shining Halberd of Mysterion, is one of the most powerful magical weapons ever found. It shimmered with arcane power, which was able to help its wielder overcome even the most ferocious of enemies (and also sported quite a few large spikes).

This halberd was one of the most prized possessions of King Mysterion the Brave when he was a young child, as it used to shine brightly enough to protect him from the grue which he thought lived under his bed. His father, eager to dismiss such childish fears, used to have the young prince's nannies crawl under the bed to show that there was no grue in the room. The king lost eight child minders before he realized there actually was a grue, and the young prince was moved to a different room.

During the Great Monster Uprising, Grovnar, which had found its way in the hands of the Grand Wizard, was awarded to an adventurer for assisting him in the defeat of Frizzlebits.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork