"The Magic Inquisition," a motion picture made by Frobozz Adventureworks ZRK, a subsidiary of Frobozz Electric, was a melodramatization of actual events. Many actual wizards were harmed in the making of this film.

The exact details of this motion picture, which had been scheduled for release in Frobuary, is unknown, but from the advertizement, it may be presumed to have been about the Mir Yannick and his role in the Second Inquisition. The release of this film was most likely cancelled due to the cessation of the Inquisition in Frobuary of 1067 GUE.

    "This Frobuary
    In a world where justice is spellbound
    In a time when magic is gone awry
    One man will have the power to change and the will to lead "The Magic Inquisition.""

SOURCE(S): Zork: Grand Inquisitor