The long-haired Marboz, like the other dark mages of his circle, gave praise to fallen Implementors. Secretly living in the shadows of the Millicus district of Mareilon, they worshipped these constantly hungry and demanding demons, including Belegur himself. These magicians paid homage to them and gladly received their powers of destruction, in exchange for being theirs to sacrifice.

Zarfil, the leader of the 398 GUE revolution in Mareilon, needed every weapon available for the succession. The rebel leader found it unlikely that the local Millicus gangs could overcome their own inherent stupidity and hate for each other in time to form a viable fighting force. Familiar with the forms of dark communion employed in their mysterious halls of worship, he had arrived at the conclusion that the best possible weapon in the struggle that lay ahead would be the force of dark magic. As Marboz was the strongest of the dark magicians he could find, Zarfil allied with him. Marboz promised Zarfil that they would be perfectly protected from all magic cast against them. Knowing that the remainder of Mareilon would not support him if they knew about the allegiance with the dark magicians, Zarfil decided to keep it a secret for the time. Even his own rebel soldiers were kept in the dark about the mysterious magicians, who worked in secret, isolated even from each other, toiling ceaselessly in creation of powerful spells that would destroy the opposition.

Marboz was not present in Zarfil's initial rally at Beeblebrox Square on the 4th of Oracle, 398 GUE. But when the rebellion began, the dark magicians took the front lines. One by one, over half of Mareilon's fighting force was blinked out of existence by their demonic powers. Panic ran through many of the militia units as young men already unwilling to fight saw their life-long friends disappear before their eyes. Some units however had been spared the devastation. Thus when Zarfil marched into the Citadel, there was almost no resistance along the eastern half of the marketplace.

Marboz marched with Zarfil and the rest of his army to the Jerrimore Plains. It was one of Marboz's mind-probes which found the captured Endeth to be a servant of a fallen Implementor. Although Zarfil's armies were completely annhilated at the Plains by the Nezgeth tribe, Marboz's involvement in the battle and his fate are not known.

SOURCE(S): Zylon the Aged