For close to half his lifetime, Zylon the Aged's handservant Endeth Belzgar was a loyal and true citizen of Quendor, living a faithful life of uneventful routine: Organize the king’s extensive book collection. Clean the king’s castle chambers. Prepare the king’s meals every day. Check on him as he prepared for bed.

Towards the end of the fourth century, the fallen Implementor Belegur sought out Endeth for his scheme to poison Zylon. The Devil’s mental powers were great, and without much effort secured the services of this weak-willed servant, who easily bent to his machinations. At first when the voices began to talk to Endeth at nights, he resisted. His thoughts were troubled and his dreams plagued with unspeakable images, but for awhile he retained his own will. Belegur would not give in and eventually Endeth gave way to the tormenting temptation.

A few well-placed suggestions and a mental nudge in the right direction, and the king’s servant Endeth was now serving Belegur in an attempt to poison the king. Thus is 398 GUE, Endeth slipped Zylon the Aged a slice of bread with enough poison to kill off a dozen normal mortals. But the king’s body was not a normal one, and it had fought off many sicknesses far worse than that. While the poison did not kill Zylon, it did weaken him significantly and he lost unconsciousness. It was Endeth who issued the report of Zylon’s illness to the king’s council of five, though he hid that he was the instigator. None of them were able to discover that the deed had been committed by Endeth.

In the case that Endeth had proved unequal to the task of killing the king, Belegur had given the servant knowledge of the secret underground caverns that had become his dwelling place (Griffspotter Caverns). Endeth continued to dwell in Largoneth, engaged in nightly rituals and worship to Belegur, one of which Zilbo Throckrod happened to stumble across. According to this future king, "Endeth was such a good man. I’ve known him for years at Largoneth, and Zilbo never once would have suspected that he’d end up like this."

The king’s illness and the disturbances in Mareilon provided adequate distractions for Endeth to make his way unmolested to Belegur’s lair with the secrets that would give him power over all of creation. Spies of Zilbo followed Endeth as far as the nearest village to the south of Largoneth, but he did not go anywhere near any of the stores or buildings. When they made a move to grab him, his entire body blinked, then he was gone. Zilbo ordered Endeth to be tracked down.

While en route to the Griffspotter caverns, Endeth was given a vision, filled with memories of a royal bedroom and a prone figure of great age. Near the bed, resting on its fragile wooden stand, a small crystal orb barely the size of a human fist hummed in weak resonance to the sound of Zylon’s fading soul. The man on the bed stirred, tossing violently in his sleep. Arising suddenly, he came awake and looked directly at Endeth. The king’s features were filled not with hate or anger, but sympathy and forgiveness.

The fleeing servant was later found by Zarfil’s scouts asleep in the forest near the Jerrimore Plains. They apprehended and brought him before both the prince and Gezlin. Marboz’s mind-probes found him to be a servant of a fallen Implementor. Endeth’s mind had been so futilely unprepared for contact with Belegur that it was killing him. After the forces of Mareilon and Galepath clashed at the Jerrimore Plains and both sides were annihilated by the Nezgeth, Endeth was captured by the victorious desert tribe.

The Nezgeth and Largoneth forces, led by Zilbo Throckrod, united together and headed for the lair of Belegur in the Griffspotter Caverns. As Endeth neared the caverns, he began to feel the call of Belegur once again. In a massive spasm of strength, he threw away the arms of the careless Nezgeth captors and broke into a run. He entered a dank, hidden hole leading into the side of the hill. He made his way into the bowels of the tunnels where Belegur was.

When the Nezgeth forces reached Belegur, they were able to distract the fallen Implementor long enough for Endeth to sneak up behind Belegur and stab him with the sacrificial knife in hand, thus destroying the current mortal vessel used by Belegur. After his master was dead, Endeth fled alive and his fate remains unknown.

SOURCE(S): Zylon the Aged