The high-quality water available from Naive(tr) Water Corporation was originally bottled at a factory in the most majestic and breathtaking watery location in all of Zork, the Aragain Falls. This giant building in a clearing near the foot of the scenic falls, with crates of bottles all around had a huge Naive(tr) logo painted on the front, and was advertized to be "Fun for the whole family!" For many years, iSanda(tr) was their competitor.

Sometime either shortly before, or during the start of the Great Monster Uprising, the executive board felt that purer water came from a mountain valley filled with melted glacier snow at the Flathead Fjord. The original water bottling plant quickly fell into ruin, complete with moss-covered floors, fallen roof, ivy growing through cracks in the walls, and windows staring like empty eye sockets. The Flathead Fjord bottle facility was quickly abandoned after everyone got sick from the cold. The last crate was obtained by a client of Detective Softly.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork