An anonymous professor of Galepath University also gave lectures at G.U.E. Tech (which included his famous 'Cultural Significance of Hitting People with Sticks'). The learned scholar, who was also a bit haughty, was frequently seen new the White House, offering lessons for new adventurers during the Great Monster Uprising. Some spectulate that this act of charity may have been a business investment, hoping to draw profit from the starters once they grew in stature; for the Professor also taught adventurers several combative skills. The prices for this training were as follows (prices reflect the zorkmid inflation of the period):

Artful Dodger 320,000+1 against "Hit & Run" attitude
Precision Blows 450,000+1 when using "Hit & Run" attitude
Surgical Strikes 580,000+2 when using "Hit & Run" attitude
Runic Flare 700,000+2 when using "Shock & Awe" attitude
Arcane Nova 900,000+3 when using "Shock & Awe" attitude

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork