In the year 956 GUE, an unknown adventurer with surprising sword-skills explored the Dungeon of Zork beneath the White House carrying a brass lantern, an elfin sword, and compass, looking desperately for Flood Control Dam #3 and seeking to become Dungeon Master (whether he was aware that several years prior a previous adventurer had donned the title, is unknown, and thus history has not let us enough information to know if he was seeking to become the Second or Third Dungeon Master). In the process he met the Wizard of Frobozz.

Elsewhere, an unknown Enchanter spotted this bedraggled adventurer on the other side of a mirror in the Hall of Mirrors in Largoneth Castle. When this Enchanter chanted a ZIFMIA spell (“magically summon a being”), all at once, the adventurer appeared before him. As the luckless adventurer was fearful and distrustful, it took the efforts of VAXUM (“make a hostile creature your friend”) to subdue him into communication.

Krill had protected the door to the map room of the northeast tower of Largoneth with an incredibly frightful illusion: its massive lock was wrapped in a dozen six-inch thick iron chains. In addition, a certain five-headed monster sporting razor-sharp spears for tongues seemed to be imbedded within its heavy oak frame. One is almost embarrassed to mention the gargoyles spewing flame and sulphurous ash which ornamented either side of the door, or the ninety-seven slimy groping tentacles which taunted the Enchanter ever closer to certain death. A sign, which floated serenely above the door and glowed hideously in purple letters, offered the following rude understatement: “Don’t Bother”. Seeking to gain entrance to this room, the Enchanter was able to coax the adventurer into attempting to enter. What the Enchanter did not realize was that this illusion only affected him. The seemingly fearless adventurer, who could see nothing of the image, shrugged and walked purposefully toward the door, ignoring all harm to his person in the form of knives, tentacles, and molten lead. As three buckets of the latter poured over his head, he casted the Enchanter a perplexed look,
“Did you try the doorknob?” he asked, as twenty-seven knives delicately skewered him.
Before the Enchanter could answer, he reached for one of the gargoyle heads which, by sheerest coincidence, had just flooded him in red-orange flame, and turned it gently.
“I think it’s unlocked,” he said, stoically ignoring the host of human-sized rats which fed on his incinerated torso. His left hand, broken and bloodied, pulled at the gargoyle head.
“I’m going on ahead!” he cried, opening a simple wooden door. The Enchanter rubbed his eyes for a moment and looked again as he went through it. The illusion had dispelled and before him was just a plain wooden door.
The Enchanter went inside and discovered a magic map and pencil. These two devices were necessary to retrieve the GUNCHO (“banish the victim to another plane of existence”) scroll which had been imprisoned with the Great Terror in the passages below by Entharion the Wise nearly 950 years ago. After being magically coaxed into helping the Enchanter, the fate of this adventurer is a mystery save possibly a swordfight with an unknown adversary within the castle.

SOURCE(S): Enchanter