Magic Wand - standard issue

Hyperbolic Incantation Concentrator are among the most useful forms of magic; the long, thin, portble device, nicknamed the "magic wand" by the lay press, is merely pointed at the object to be ensorcelled followed by the wielder chanting the appropriate magic words. While there are many varieties of magic wands, they have never been favored by enchanters, being unreliable in their ability to retain their magic.

It was found that the act of casting a spell required three important steps. These were known as Presence, Incantation and Unusual Effect. It was also found that the reason Thaumaturgists had had such trouble casting spells was that they had no reliable way of completing the first step. The problem was first dealt with in 723 GUE, with the invention of the first reliable Incantation Device, known to scholars as the Hyperbolic Incantation Concentrator. Produced at the Thaumaturgical Institute, an offshoot brain trust of the Enchanter’s Guild, it became an instant sensation among the populace, and gained an enormous measure of respect for the fledging science which had, up until that point, yielded no marketable products.

With the reinvention of scrolls by Davmar Scrollmaker in circa 755 GUE, scrolls soon replaced the temperamental and poorly-understood Hyperbolic Incantation Generator as the primary means of Incantation, bringing  cheaper, easier, and more reliable spellcasting to the people.

Wand of Inanimation
paralyze an animal, or change it into an inanimate object

Wand of the Wizard of Frobozz
various effects

Wand of Widgeefuss
turn flat-topped rocks into cheese
Zorch Wand
transform a creature into a reptile
of Sayonara
teleports trouble out of your way
Zm20, 966 GUE
of Annihilation
instant death, with few exceptions Zm20, 966 GUE
of Eversion
makes things turn inside-out Zm20, 966 GUE
of Anesthesia
aim this at a creature and watch it stagger Zm20, 966 GUE
of Levitation
floats almost anything that is not nailed down Zm20, 966 GUE
of Dispel
neutralizes the effects of magic Zm20, 966 GUE