An ancient and revered circle of wizards, the Zizbits were a mysterious cult that dominated Pheebor for several centuries. They were destroyed in the sacking of Pheebor in 396 BE. Before the city fell, this mysterious cult. While their fabled magic spells and paraphernalia were thought to have been entirely lost with them, at least one spellbook was handed down to Althea in Accardi-by-the-Sea. This book was later stolen by Moog in the mid-tenth century who used it to form the Triax (c. 957-966 GUE). Some various Zizbit books of lore also were on display at the museum of the Steppinthrax Monastery, but were removed sometime before 949 GUE.

While no one has yet to discovered the exact nature of the Phee Hourglass, it is generally believed to have been constructed by the Zizbits. Legends once told that the fabulous wealth of the Zizbits lay within their temple, but all that remained was a magical pool used as an oracle.

Even in the tenth century, when Moog prepared to complete the Triax, the spirits of some of the Zizbits still remained within their temple, although they seemed to have been powerless to prevent the witch from fulfilling the evil prophecy. They were described as luminous cloaked figures, no more than apparitions. The enchanted circle which Moog broke, had been their protection.

SOURCE(S): Zork Quest II, Zork Nemesis, A History of Quendor