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Feeling randy, are you? You know you are. Well, here's where you can get your ya-yas out, alright. Just take a look around...this place exudes sportsmanship. A beautiful pool table seems to whisper in your ear, "Pick up a stick and rack up a few, big boy." The tasteful ivory patterned wallpaper is nicely complemented by a big deer head mounted on the wall. Or if contemplative games are more your speed, you might want to pick up a good game of chess on the Venetian marble chess board flanked by two of the New Zork's signature wing-back chairs.

Before you make your decision, you might want to examine the sign on the wall. It lists some super mind games you might want to play, if you have what it takes. One of them, in fact, is the first text adventure Activision has created in more than ten years! Written by Marc Blank (Zork Trilogy, Enchanter) and Mike Berlyn (Suspended, Cutthroats) and programmed by Gerry Kevin Wilson.

Sign -- East

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