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You are standing at the southern end of a beautiful, bright rotunda. The atrium is flooded with cool sunlight which is coming from a high, domed glass skylight high above. The mirror-polished marble floor has a checkerboard pattern at its center and gray tiles at its edge, which follow the atrium's perimeter.

There are three polished and oiled oak doors in the rotunda. Each has embedded brass letters, indicating what you might find inside. To your left (South) is a room labeled "Parlor." Straight ahead (West) is the Game Room. To your right (North) is the Library. Or, touch on your compass to navigate.

Between the Parlor and the Game room are three handsome portraits hanging on the plaster walls. Strangely, it seems as if they might have changed since you last looked. Click on a portrait to view.

Adventure awaits you...pick a path and explore.

Parlor -- Game Room -- Library -- Left Portrait -- Center Portrait -- Right Portrait -- East

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