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Welcome to the World of Beebo, Your Friendly Bellhop

This site has been created as a testament to your adventurous spirit. If you're feeling in a less adventurous mood, just click on my hat and then you'll be brought to this screen. You can select any of the locations below:

Lobby -- the "hub" of the Hotel New Zork, from which you may access all major areas of your journey.

Postcard Rack -- displays screenshots of the locations and characters in the game.

Piano Bar -- sound files from Zork Grand Inquisitor.

Front Desk -- Zork Grand Inquisitor's background story is in the large tome on the counter at the front desk.

Travel Agency -- takes you to some of the many Web sites created by the Friends of Zork, including the online Encyclopedia Frobozzica, the definitive guide to the Great Underground Empire.

Telegraph Office -- has regular updates on the progress of the game.

Atrium -- offers access to the Game Room, Parlor and Library. Also features head shots of famed Zorkians.

Game Room -- contains downloads of Zork I, Zork II and an all-new Zork text adventure created specifically for fans of Zork Grand Inquisitor.

Library -- features links to the Activision Web sites for the Zork text trilogy, the Enchanter trilogy, Zork Zero, Beyond Zork, Return to Zork and Zork Nemesis.

Parlor -- has RealAudio and RealVideo tidbits and clips from and about Zork Grand Inquisitor.

Lobby -- Postcard Rack -- Piano Bar -- Front Desk -- Travel Agency -- Telegraph Office -- Atrium -- Game Room -- Library -- Parlor

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