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You are in a plush, tasteful hotel lobby. The walls are paneled in rich wood, ancient Oriental carpets cover the highly polished marble floors, and upholstered maroon velvet divans, settees, sofas and love seats abound. Majestic columns climb dramatically to the beautiful high sculpted ceiling which floats above the entire room. To your left is a postcard rack containing dazzling images of beautiful, mystical places and stylish, swank-looking people. You hear a familiar tune coming from the piano bar, but its name escapes you. A bellhop, smartly dressed in a crisp, double-breasted suit with matching hat, stands nearby, ready to address your questions and concerns.

After you look around, you discover that the Front Desk and Travel Agency lie to the North, a Telegraph Office resides to the East and an Atrium is to your West.

You may also navigate by clicking on the compass at the right.

Clicking on the bellhop's pillbox hat icon takes you to a help screen, where you may directly launch to any area of the New Zork hotel.

Postcard Rack -- Piano Bar -- Bellhop -- North -- East -- West

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