Amulet of Aggthora (957 GUE)

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The Amulet of Aggthora was a legendary blue jewel renowned for its powers of augury. Like others of its kind produced by the Frobozz Magic Amulet Company, the closer this amulet was to its owner, the brighter it glowed. They were ideal for leaving with loved ones when going on a long and hazardous journey. According to Shinboz, this Amulet was one of the better jewels around when it came to foreseeing the future.

In the year 957 GUE, the Amulet, attached to a long golden chain was sensitized to Belboz the Necromancer, and was known to have glowed when near his location. This property of the Amulet was crucial in the defeat of Jeearr, when the unknown enchanter set off to locate the missing Necromancer.
The Amulet was later placed in small chest by unknown hands and hidden in a gloriously beautiful clearing within the Forest of Youth. A last obvious line of defence against evil doers, a note, was placed upon the chest which read, "please do not use for evil purposes." For many years, the only hint of the jewel's whereabouts was a single paragraph (Radqef ar Kagft was a shift cipher ROT12 for "Forest of Youth"):

“The mighty and far seeing Amulet of Aggthora is hidden, with other secrets, from those who would use it for ill, but will one day be found at the place where I is you and twice you is I.

-Radqef ar Kagft”

During the Great Monster Uprising, the Amulet of Aggthora was found in the forest by an anonymous man with the alias "Detective Softly." He handed it over to Shinboz in exchange for identifying teleportation runes which belonged to the Brotherhood of Ur'agoth. Shinboz planned to use his new favorite Amulet to assist him in placing a few bets on fighting adventurers in the Bozbarland arena.

SOURCE(S): Sorcerer, Legends of Zork