According to the legend of Wishbringer, the platypus Anatinus was one of many kings by the same name who ruled over the Misty Island. As king of all platypuskind, this specific Anatinus ruled over both the island and the castle in the Mithicus Mountains during the tenth century, and was husband to Queen Alexis.

This Anatinus is best-noted for the decree he made on Morning-Star's seventeenth birthday. The King made it known that whosoever might desire to win the hand of Morning-Star, should now come forth to claim it. According to the custom of the kingdom, the groom had to prove his worth by fulfilling a love-quest of the Queen's own choosing. Many were the eager knights who journeyed to the royal palace, hoping there to win the love of Princess Morning-Star. Alexis, dark with envy, watched the lusty swains descend like vultures around her daughter, and vowed in secret not to let them have her. From the knights assembled, six were chosen, and stood before the heartless queen for testing. But the crafty Alexis devised impossible love-quests for the suitors. It is uncertain of how much of Queen Alexis' schemes to kidnap Morning-Star that Anatinus was aware of. Thus this decree led to the death of six young platypus knights, as well as prevented Morning-Star from ever marrying.

This King Anatinus is not to be confused with the king's descendant, Anatinus who was king over the Misty Island during the twelfth century GUE.

SOURCE(S): Wishbringer (The Legend of Wishbringer), Beyond Zork