The Antharian Enchantress Society, headed by Witch Izah during the Second Age of Magic, was located on the 337th floor of a certain portion of the Antharia Caves. In the lower regions of the caves, in a particular cavern with an ancient altar, niches, and supply closets, they held picnics and frequently met with the Devil's salesmen, who sold them cans of brimstone and jars of hotbugs to add to their other ingredients for witchcraft (such as newt's eyes, cauldrons, bales of hay for new brooms and bolts of hat-quality felt). Although friendly, they refused to barter with outsiders for mere worthless treasures and zorkmids, as the caverns otherwise provided all their needs. Instead, those seeking favors from them were put to heavy labors. Red was always a prominent color in their apparel.

"Detective Softly" sought a jar of hotbugs from these witches during the Great Monster Uprising. Due to the broken elevator, it was required for him to venture up the service staircase, which spiralled down around an enormous pit, to their community. The witches were pleased to see him and invited him to partake of their teatime morsels (which included sponge cakes). In exchange for the hotbugs, "Softly" served their community for an indetermine period of time, where he ran up ladders changing glass 'bulbs' to make light 'flowers', nailed up loose shelves, repaired sinks, chopped wood, moved furniture, and did an amazing amount of general maintenance all over the cavern. At the end of his labors, the cavern was much brighter, the elevator worked, and the witches were openly suggesting to their leader that the no-outsider rule was more of a guideline. Izah was sufficiently upset by this to give the entire jar of hotbugs to "Softly," staving off any chance of his remaining to earn more of them. He was blindfolded and led up and out of the caverns with the insects in hand.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork