Witch Izah, an Antharian Cave Witch, lived within the Antharia Caves where she was head of the Antharian Enchantress Society during the Great Monster Uprising. She had a silky voice and red was a prominent color in her apparel.

During the Great Monster Uprising, she was willing to perhaps exchange a jar of hotbugs to a man known as "Detective Softly" in exchange for physical labor.  The amazing amount of maintenance all over the cavern caused the remainder of the witches to openly suggest to Izah that the no-outsider rule was more of a guideline. The head witch was sufficiently upset by this to give "Softly" the entire jar of hotbugs, but afterward had him blindfolded and removed from their community.

Witch Izah is one of the ancestors of Witch Itah.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork