Belwit the Flat, the second king of the Flathead Dynasty, ruled the kingdom for 13 years from Egreth Castle from 688~701 GUE. His reign is noted for a couple famous events. The increasingly popular card game, Double Fanucci, had its first championship competition in Borphee (691-09-?11?). Thousands were left homeless in the ensuing Fanucci mania. Secondly, the zorkmid, Quendor’s primary form of currency, was minted, bearing his likeness and some smeared letters that formed the words “In Frobs We Trust.” (699-08-18)

Belwit the Flat, born in circa 670 GUE to King Duncanthrax and Queen Salestra, was named, much to his father's pleasure, for the somewhat flat shape of his head. In 688, Duncanthrax passed away, leaving the throne to his first son.

Since the death of the zorkmid trees, the granola and precious metals that poured into Quendor from the lands to the east proved to be an effective support to the Quendoran economy for nearly a generation. But by Belwit’s time, the initial euphoria had quieted somewhat, and the lack of a steady supply of zorkmid coinage was once again making itself felt. It was Belwit’s creative and daring response to this economic crisis that saw the birth of the minted zorkmid, the stable currency upon which we still rely today.

It was now that Belwit decided to take the radical step of ordering the minting of the first regular issue of Quendoran zorkmids. Although the order itself came down from the throne in 695, it was not until the third week in Augur, 699, that the mints underneath Egreth were finally readied to stamp the first coin with a design that had been four years in the making. For many generations, historians have puzzled over the reasons behind Belwit's decision to begin the production of official, government-approved zorkmids. Several different sources tell us that a highly sophisticated system of zork-based currency had already been in use for years before the New Year's Revolt and that the advanced system of currency that was put into official use by Belwit in 699 was not a new system.

In 701 GUE, Belwit the Flt was succeded by his son, Frobwit the Flatter, who bore an even flatter head than his father.

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