IMAGE01: Castle of Zork main entrance
       IMAGE02: the jousting finals
       IMAGE03: an annual crafts fair
       IMAGE04: unicorn performance
       IMAGE05: Castle of Zork healer


The Castle of Zork was Syovar the Strong's palatial estate in the Aragain Province, and the center of his kingdom of Zork. Constructed shortly after the fall of the Empire in 883 GUE, the tremendous castle was about a day's journey west of the Flathead Mountains, surrounded by wide, grassy plains and villages in the nearby valleys with sprawling farmlands and sparse forests.

From the long stone corridors connecting luxurious and sumptious bedrooms, banquet halls, guard rooms, and an elegant throne room, the Castle of Zork was the frequent site of banquets, plays and unicorn shows. The jousting finals in the meadow outside the castle used to draw in thousands of people from the surrounding towns. The courtyards during the annual crafts fairs were known to be jammed with people, monkeys that performed juggling acts and acrobatic tricks, bands of lute players, finely woven silk fabrics of dwarves from a kingdom far to the south, baskets and chairs, hand-painted pottery bowls, magic powders, ointments, and much more.

The Castle of Zork, home of the Knights of Frobozz, was manned not only by humans, but had a staff  ranging from a pair of indentical twin gnomes working in the stables to dumb, but loyal troll guards.

During the brief period of Malifestro's treachery when Syovar was captured and the Knights of Frobozz away from their home, fear and despair settled across the province. All order vanished and thieves began roaming the highways and towns unchecked. Robberies were commonplace and many farms were burned by bandits. Much of the populace fled the province, leaving behind buildings gutted by fire, overgrown farms, empty marketplaces, and deserted villages. The hearts of those who dared to remain behind grew cold, and many shut their doors to one another. The Castle of Zork was one of the last places to be abandoned. But with much of the province in chaos, most feared that Malifestro would easily conquer the kingdom, starting his invasion with the capital. Thus the castle was emptied save a scattering of the most faithful (or perhaps the most stupid). Once Malifestro was defeated and Syovar returned to the castle, the Aragain Province quickly replenished its former splendor.

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