THE DEAD was a trio of undead musicians, including a horror with some kind of twisted mandolin, a skeleton wielding a hurdy-gurdy, and a ghoul on drums; the bass drum was emblazoned with the words 'THE DEAD'. Once when they toured in Anthar during the Great Monster Uprising, most of the population fortified their buildings and abandoned their homes while THE DEAD walked through, to prevent them from being overtaken by the chaotic sea of fans. An open field near the city was set up to be filled with filmsy chairs and screaming people gathered around a stage.

Some local residents, such as Eyepatch Guy, were known to endure the throngs of fandom, by being the only store to remain open during THE DEAD's Anthar tour. There he sold 99% Official DEAD WALK T-Shirts with 'Back from the Dead' written across it.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork