A man simply known as Eyepatch Guy was a short, stout shopkeeper of Anthar with white hair during the days of the Great Monster Uprising. His one wild eye glowed yellow, seeming to stare into the soul of those he beheld, while the other was hidden beneath a black eyepatch embroidered with the words "EAT AT JACK'S."

Normally souvenirs such as Antharian fish statuettes were sold at his shop, but when THE DEAD came to Anthar he sold food and memorbilia (which included BERZIO potions and 99% Official DEAD WALK "Back from the Dead" T-Shirts). As most of the citizens of Anthar fled the city due to the massive invasion of fans, Eyepatch Guy prepared for the inevitable by stocking up his supplies of granola, bottled water, and marble statuettes, as he would be the only shop open at their arrival.

One year, the requested shipment of 100 pounds of granola was delayed, forcing Eyepatch Guy to hire "Detective Softly" to convince the miner at the nearby Granola Mines to get back on track and reroute it to Anthar. Since Eyepatch Guy was unaware of the closing of the Naive(tm) Corporation bottling company, he sent "Softly" on a task to deliver some bottled water from  Naive(tm) to be served alongside the granola. Eyepatch Guy tracked the adventurer to the closed plant at the Flathead Fjord, where he purchased the last crate. Then he sent "Softly" on one final task to stock up on marble statuettes from the "renegade" miners of the Peltoid Valley (Eyepatch Guy had survived worse than The Dead Walk and paid up after, so the miners were willing to extend come credit to him). He rewarded "Softly" with two free tickets to the show, but the unsatisfied adventurer instead stole a T-shirt and bottle of BERZIO from the stand when he was not looking.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork