Old Felbor the Hermit was a legend in the isolated northern parts of the Westlands where he once lived. His origins were unknown, but he kept to himself up on Caper's Hill and tolerated no visitors at all, except for the young Fidget in the mid-tenth century. The two of them shared a particular bond because when Fidget was very young, Felbor had pulled him from the jaws of a deadly nabiz. They had become fast friends after that, and Felbor had taught Fidget every bit of woodcraft he knew including how to improve the crafting of his arrow points. Felbor also had a pet brogmoid named Cubby, who he used to call "Clubby" when the creature's street-gang personality came out.

In the years prior to the close of the First Age of Magic (966 GUE), Felbor was killed when one of the Servants of the Terror, in the form of a giant hellhound, crushed his cabin. Fidget took upon himself the task of caring for Felbor's pet brogmoid.

SOURCE(S): Enchanter (novel)