FLATHEAD (Skullous Flatheadem)

The flathead is similiar to the normal man, but the top of the head is planear, resulting in little adequet space for a brain. Although Duncanthrax was not of flathead blood, when he married the most flatheaded woman he could find, he fathered a line of decendants which would all carry this unique shape to their skull. By 883 GUE, most of the flathead blood had perished and the Flathead Dynasty which Duncanthrax had began met its end. There were but handfuls of survivors, some of which managed to be preserved in "The Dark". The last known living royal Flathead was "Lucy Flathead," who proclaimed herself ruler of the Empire in 1067. After her, the only one known was Boos Myller of West Shanbar in the 1600s.

Primitive statury of pointy-headed personages, discovered in the Cultural Complex, are claimed by some to perhaps be very, very distant progenitors of the Flatheads.

Flatheads are unable to swim--when placed in water, they all drop like rocks.

SOURCE(S): various, including Zork Trilogy, Zork: The Undiscovered Underground, Zork: Grand Inquisitor (game, official strategy guide)