The Flathead Dynasty ruled over Quendor for 223 years, from 660 until 883 GUE. The flatheads succeeded the Entharion Dynasty when the bloodthirsty tyrant Duncanthrax the Bellicose instigated the New Year's Revolt and overthrew the former government.

In circa 670 GUE, after ousting the imposter Duncanthrax, the king announced to his kingdom that he was to be the first king of the Flathead Dynasty. This took the people by surprise, as it was not known to be a part of his title, nor was it at all indicative of the clearly non-flat shape of his head. He declared that from then on, the flatness of one’s head was to be directly correlated with their royal stature, and that he sought the most flatheaded woman in the land to become his queen. The call went out across the Westlands and in a very short time, Duncanthrax had found and married a particularly flatheaded and very stunned young lady from Mareilon, named Salestra. They were married immediately, and within the year had their first son. The boy was named Belwit the Flat, and much to Duncanthrax’s pleasure, his head did indeed have a somewhat flat shape to it. The descendants of the dynasty continued to grow more flat at the dynasty progressed.

The pinnacle of the Flathead Dynasty was the reign of Dimwit Flathead, who along with his brothers, managed to control almost every bloit of space and zorkie of commerence in the civilized lands of Zork. When the king's hand reached out to take hold of the Fublio Valley, one of its residents, a powerful magician by the name of Megaboz cast a curse upon the dynasty. While Dimwit and his brothers were immediately slain, the curse was delayed for 94 years. In the year 883 GUE, the effects of the Curse of Megaboz were unleashed, and the Flathead Dynasty had its end. In its place, there was a simultaneous rule of the Dungeon Masters and the descendants of Syovor.

The mysterious round-headed Dirinthrax was the rightful descendant and heir to Duncanthrax the Bellicose. Although Dirinthrax itself is clearly a name of royal origins, exactly which branch of the hopelessly convoluted Flathead family tree sank into oblivion to reemerge in the form of Dirinthrax is to this day not clear. Nevertheless, in the tenth century, this boy took the chance to proclaim himself ruler of Egreth and Lord of Quendor (circa 957~966 GUE). Clearly, in an age dominated by the might of the guilds and the ever-growing power of Syovar, very few people would ever notice this quiet reincarnation of the Flathead dynasty. Dirinthrax and Lia for their own parts never seem to have made any efforts to enforce their claims to royal authority. Oral traditions from the Egreth area claim that the devastating events of the end of the Age of Magic were barely felt by the castle's owners, and that the last pair of flathead monarchs lived well into the 11th century, when they finally passed away in silence and obscurity.

When the Grand Inquisitor's tyranny ended in 1067 GUE, Lucy Flathead declared herself the rightful heir to the throne. While she appointed a Fourth Dungeon Master, almost nothing else is known of her reign or what became of the Flatheads (or any ruling family) after that moment.

1 Duncanthrax the Bellicose 660~688 GUE 28 years
2 Belwit the Flat 688~701 GUE 13 years
3 Frobwit the Flatter 701~727 GUE 26 years
4 Timberthrax Flathead 727~738 GUE 11 years
5 Phloid Flathead 738~755 GUE 17 years
6 Mumberthrax Flathead 755~770 GUE 15 years
7 Dimwit Flathead 770~789 GUE 19 years
8 Loowit Flathead 789~813 GUE 24 years
9 Duncwit Flathead 813~843 GUE 30 years
10 Barbawit Flathead 843~845 GUE 2 years
11 Idwit Oogle Flathead 845~881 GUE 36 years
12 Wurb Flathead 881~883 GUE 2 years
13 Dirinthrax c. 957-966~??? GUE  ???
14 Lucy Flathead 1067~??? GUE ???

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