The irreversible yet tremendously incapable Prince Foo was the last ruler of Pheebor and the owner of the Pheehelm about 400 years before the reign of Entharion. The city of Foo has been said to be named after him, or another of his lineage bearing the same name.

In 396 BE, Prince Foo lead the Pheeborian armies against Borphee in their war over the naming of the One River. The Borpheans, led by the uncommonly clever General Horteus Shplee, took their place on the southern side. The general was a shrewd war strategist, well aware of his subtle tactical advantage. The two armies charged, swords drawn. But the excitement of the moment was quickly doused when both sides reached the river and were forced to dive in and paddle awkwardly towards each other. Instead of meeting in the glorious clash of steel that all had hoped for, it appeared more like a graceless collision of drowning fools. The armies splashed frantically at each other, hardly noticing the effect of the river’s strong current. An effect that General Shplee had been counting on.

The cluster of bobbing heads drifted rapidly downstream towards Borphee, where a battalion of Shplee’s men waited with a stockade of granite rocks. As the soldiers floated by, the battalion tossed the rocks at the Pheeborian army, apparently enjoying themselves enormously in the process and not worrying too much about the many Borphean soldiers that were mixed in with the bunch. This tactic proved quite successful, and is credited with bringing a very quick end to what would have likely ended up being a long and pointless war.

The Borpheans assembled and took arms against Pheebor, quickly sacking and burning the near defenseless city to the ground. Motionless bodies were strewn about the streets by the bloodthirsty swords, and battle trenches filled with corpses zigzagged across the city’s plaza like open wounds. It was here where the tall and proud Prince Foo was beheaded by a zealous knigth from Borphee whom he called an "eastern fop." The glorious age of Pheebor ended on that day and Borphee rose to the prominence it now enjoys.

The Pheehelm would be recovered by an unknown peasant from 966 GUE, who used the temporal travel of the Phee Hourglass to retrieve it.

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