The mighty wizard Dude Hobbleguzz, known to have enchanted his surfboard so that when it went on land it shrank and grew wheels so he could surf whenever he wanted, was so famous that even the fish knew who he was. Hobbleguzz was also the inventor of the greatest surfing-related magical item ever to be invented, the Shirt of AWESOME!!!

Hobbleguzz died while wearing the shirt and catching some "gnarlatious heavies" off the White Cliffs. To cememorate this surfing legend, a nook in a cave of the White Cliffs where he met his end was converted into a shrine. It was filled with bits of broken surfboard (one piece with wheels), a tattered bandanna, candles, wilted flowers, and various other pieces of surfing paraphernalia, including the Shirt of AWESOME!!!

The surfer population felt that the cave was too "mondo" depressing, so they moved the Shirt of AWESOME!!! to a clearing in a dense copse of bushes elsewhere in the Frigid River Valley. This new shrine was marked by a stone surfboard with a skeleton stretched out on top of it (and a few broken vases and dying flowers). There was also a self-waxing board, some sunglasses that said “Duuuuuuuuuude” when they were put on, and a parrot (perhaps belonging to Hobbleguzz himself.)

Sometime during the Second Age of Magic, a party of pirates stole the Shirt of AWESOME!!! from the shrine and pitched camp at the White Cliffs Beach. Seeking to uncover the shirt for a client, an adventurer, known only by the alias "Dirk Softly", stole the relic from them while they were surfing (along with a chest, which the shirt had gotten caught in) and gave it to an unknown surfer.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork