Although both found in the Dark Forest, the jewel-encrusted juggling eggs are not to be confused with the jewel-encrusted egg, which was found by the Second Dungeon Master in 948 GUE. Because these eggs were to be used for juggling, the jewels which theyw ere made of were processed, cut, and polished to be resistant to wear and tear and sturdy enough to be dropped, thrown at things, and covered in custard.

Under the comission of the Grand Wizard in the Great Monster Uprising, who needed jewels that were resistant to wear and tear that they would likely undergo when used at a component of his Dex Machine, he sent Detective "Softly" to gather the only known ones which were within the Dark Forest. "Softly" found a trio of the juggling eggs upon an amateur clown whom he slain in order to obtain them, and sent them back to the Grand Wizard. The eggs were then used with the machine.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork