Brad MacGuffin, son of Sergeant MacGuffin, was a resident of Festeron. During the reign of Simon the Postman, the Brad was the boyfriend of Shirley Magnifico. Under the Witchville curse, he was appointed by his father as head patroller of the new Boot Patrol.

Brad was killed during the beginning of Simon's reign. Certain rules had been set in place by the three sisters Y'Gael, Hortense, and Gladys, that stated that the Boot Patrol was forbidden to enter both the cemetery and the underground tunnels. In pursuit of Simon and Mr. Sneed, Brad marched the entire troop into the cemetery where some of their number were snatched away by eldritch vapors. The surviving unit trailed the two men into the underground, where the remainder of the Boot Patrol, including Brad, were eaten by Amy Sue Grue.

SOURCE(S): Wishbringer (novel)