The first annual Mizniaport Scavenger Hunt was held during the Great Monster Uprising by the owner of a local boutique in Mizniaport. Adventurers from all over the land came to try to win the coveted Mizniaport Armor. One was required to find the five idols of Miznia. Each of these normal statuettes contained the clue to the next. At the base of each there was a mystic rune, which had to be copied and returned to the owner of the shop.

A man known as "Detective Softly", who was late to begin the quest, won the prize. He almost lost to an unknown red-haired woman, who, instead of destroying the idols she found along the way, amused herself by hiding the idols and/or placing many ingenious traps about them so that subsequent adventurers would be hindered from catching up to her.

Locations of the idols for the first annual Scavenger Hunt:

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork