St. Quakko's Charm, more commonly known by its effect to successfully invoke St. Quakko's Protection, is a means of being so astonishing in pugilism that even though its wearer lost, the crowd would not think any less of the failure. Behind the scenes, intercession from the deceased St. Quakko prevents its holder from inheriting an ill-reputation as long as they did not initiate the fight. The only downside was that the purchasing of these sacred phylacteries was highly detested by the superstitious commonfolk. No matter how well-renowned, new owners of Quakko's Protection were immediately shunned and became immensely unpopular, forcing fresh recognition to be built up through an alternate throng of devoted fans.

These charms were equipped by almost all adventurers during the Great Monster Uprising, especially by those who frequently battled in the Bozbarland arena. In those days (which were apart of the zorkmid inflation), St. Quakko's Protections sold for either Zm15000 or 2 coconuts a piece.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork