Ben Siron's long life enabled him to contribute to the construction of Port Foozle, G.U.E. Tech and other projects related to the Second Inquisition before its fall in 1067 GUE. He was known to be extremely hooked on Magic: the Gathering (historians have found no other references to this, and suspect that it may be a drug of some sort) and liked to stand outside in the rain dopily. That was, when he was not reverse-engineering things and otherwise making a nuisance of himself. 

Those who dared to ask the forbidden question "Who is Ben Siron?" soon found themselves strangled by a ball of heat-seeking spaghetti. One such overcome adventurer was canned as pasta, dented and made generally impervious to all models of the can-opener, and eventually became used as Mrs. Peeper's Paperweight in the 17th century.

Many have speculated that Ben Siron is one of the Implementors.

SOURCE(S): Zork:Grand Inquisitor