Torin was a dirty-looking miner who worked the Backbone Hills near Mareilon. He was one of the tallest and broadest men around. His chest muscles and biceps rippled under the thin dirty tunic he frequently wore. Dark hair covered most of his face, but what there was to see was lined from hard work and meanness.

In the tenth century, just before the end of the First Age of Magic (which was in 966 GUE) the influence of the Great Terror had done much damage upon the population of Mareilon. When Anesi and his companions entered the city, Torin and his boys incited a fight with Cubby the brogmoid. This resulted in a large brawl that was only cut short because the city was invaded by the Servants of the Terror. Torin nearly made it out of the city before its annihilation, but was devoured by one of the Servants who had assumed nabiz form.

SOURCE(S): The Lost City of Zork