A stern face man, tall and thing with a nose like a hawk and eyes like an aardvark, Baron von Wolfawitz owned one of the largest houses near the Borphee docks during the Great Monster Uprising. The front room of the house was filled with fine art in golden frames, jewel-encrusted mirrors, and any number of idols filled with precious stones. Their bulter was a man named Jeeves. He and his wife were both members of the Guild of Enchanters. His uncle was Chesterfield.

His wife bore for him a child whom they named Reginald, who was kidnapped during this period by a notorious monkey grinder who staged an attack on one of Borphee's most expensive private playgrounds. (It is very unlike these beasts to do anything of this sort, normally they simply destroy the minds of their victims. Kidnapping is a bit out of their league.) Although the family claimed that they were uncertain who (or what) the kidnapper was, or why they would be targeted, vague sources inform us that they there is high suspicion that they did in fact know.

As both Baron and Baroness were part of the Guild, Zipathormus was graciously loaned them, who did everything he could with magic, but did not have any success. Upon hearing that forensic science had made great leaps and bounds in those years, the Wolfawitzs hoped that a detective would be able to succeed where magic had failed them (they rarely had to summon the spirits of the dead any longer to ask them how they were murdered).

An unknown adventurer, who stumbled across the family quite by accident, and was no more a detective than a grue-tamer, spontaneously forged an alias "Detective Softly" in order to be hired out for this quest. While the family was unable to provide any information, Zipathormus told that there had been reports from his fellow enchanters of some unusual magic flying around the Enchanters' Retreat, and it corresponded exactly to a magical residue which he found at the scene. Picking up on this scent, "Softly" embarked on a quest which eventually led him to tracking Reginald at a cavern in Pheebor and decapitating the monkey grinder who had taken him hostage. With the child back in custody, the Wolfawitzs spent a great deal of their wealth on building a new, heavily fortified playground for Reginald. Thus, they were unable to reward "Softly" with anything save the breastplate of the Baron's uncle Chesterfield.

SOURCE(S): Legends of Zork