The origin of the legendary Warriors of Zork is unknown. These seemingly tireless and invincible men were clothed in white tunics and shiny battle armor.

The righteous Warriors of Zork were summoned by Syovar the Strong at the beginning of his reign (c. 883~900 GUE) when the Kingdom of Zork was almost overturned by Krill and the evil warlock's hosts of lizard warriors. By returning the three Palantirs of Zork to the mysterious trophy case in the White House, speaking the inscription written upon it, and then reciting a spell, the three spheres grew to encompass the entire room and the Warriors of Zork were summoned by the power of the Palantirs.

Fully obedient to the one who summoned them, Syovar the Strong commanded the Warriors to rid his kingdom the scourge of Krill; to remove this blight. He ordered them to destroy this evil. With a cheer that echoed across the plain, the warriors charged forward, engulfing the armies of Krill until they were no more. Upon the completion of their task, the Warriors of Zork vanished, along with the three Palantirs.

SOURCE(S): Zork: The Forces of Krill