Enchanter, Sorcerer, Spellbreaker, Wishbringer


  • Author: Marc Blank and Dave Lebling
  • Released: August 10, 1983
In ENCHANTER, the first of a spellbinding series in the tradition of ZORK, you are a novice magician whom Fate has chosen to do singlehanded combat with a dark and fierce power. But wordly weapons will avail you naught, for your foe is the Evil Warlock who holds sway over the land.
To defeat him, you will have to match your skills as a necromancer against his, casting spells you have learned from your masters in the Circle of Enchanters and other incantations you will acquire as you proceed on your quest.
If you succeed, you will be elevated to a seat in the illustrious Circle; if you fail, your land will be doomed to an eternity of darkness.

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  • Author: Steve Meretzky
  • Released: January 31, 1984
SORCERER, the second of a spellbinding fantasy series in the tradition of ZORK, takes you on a magical tour through the darker side of Zorkian enchantment. Your journey begins with a cryptic diary - the last trace of the now-vanished Belboz the Necromancer, grand and powerful leader of the Guild of Enchanters. It is feared that Belboz is in thrall to evil sorcery. If so, the very existence of the Circle of Enchanters could be forfeit. To rescue the kingdom and locate your mentor in the treacherous mists of time, you must gain the power and cunning of a true Sorcerer.

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  • Author: Dave Lebling
  • Released: September 16, 1985
SPELLBREAKER, the riveting conclusion to the ENCHANTER trilogy, explores the mysterious underpinnings of the Zorkian universe. A world founded on sorcery suddenly finds its magic failing, and only you, leader of the Circle of Enchanters, can uncover and destroy the cause of this paralyzing chaos.
[list]The very core of your civilization is under siege, and only a perilous journey through the black foundation of magic itself will yield a chance for survival.
[list]And although your triumph over this unknown Evil is uncertain, you must embark without hesitation and prove yourself the worthiest mage in the land.

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  • Author: Brian Moriarty
  • Released: May 1, 1985
It's an ordinary day in your ordinary little town, and you've been performing your ordinary mail clerk's duties in an altogether ordinary way. But there's something quite extraordinary in today's mail. It's a ranson note for a kidnapped cat, and it will lead you through unbelievably harrowing adventures to Wishbringer, a stone possessing undreamt-of powers. For though the note in question is addressed to someone in your ordinary little town, it's postmarked for Special Delivery to Parts Unknown. And its true destination is somewhere beyond your wildest dreams, c/o the magic of Infocom's interactive fiction.

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