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The Forces of Krill:

* Author: S. Eric Meretsky
* Release Dates: 1983 (American edition), 1984 (British edition), 1985 'Las fuerzas de Krill' (Spanish edition)
* ISBNs: 0812579755 (American edition), 0140317554 (British edition)
* Length: 126 pages
* Number of Endings: 20
Krill's wizardy is great -- and totally evil. Unless you can find the three magical spheres of power, and deliver them and the Sword of Zork to Syovar, the rightful ruler of the peaceful land, the entire population will be enslaved -- forever!
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The Malifestro Quest:

* Author: S. Eric Meretsky
* Release Dates: 1983 (American edition), 1984 (British edition), 1985 'La búsqueda de Malifestro' (Spanish edition)
* ISBNs: 0812579801 (American edition), 0140317562 (British edition), 081257981X (Canadian edition)
* Length: 127 pages
* Number of Endings: 18
Malifestro, a powerful wizard from a neighboring land, has imprisoned Syovar, the rightful ruler. He demands as ransom half the land and 10,000 slaves. Only you can rescue Syovar and save the kingdom!

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The Cavern of Doom:

* Author: S. Eric Meretsky
* Release Dates: 1983 (American edition), 1984 (British edition), 1986 'La caverna del destino' (Spanish edition)
* ISBNs: 0812579852 (American edition), 0140317570 (British edition)
* Length: 127 pages
* Number of Endings: 17
A newly discovered underground realm has caused great trouble and grief for Syovar, the ruler of the land. The explorers and adventurers who have entered it have never been seen again.
Only you can rescue them and uncover the underground realm's vast riches!

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Conquest at Quendor:

* Author: S. Eric Meretsky
* Release Dates: 1984 (American edition), 1986 'Conquista en Quendor' (Spanish edition)
* ISBNs: 0812559894 (American edition), 0812559908 (Canadian edition)
* Length: 127 pages
* Number of Endings: 17
Unless you can find the magical Helmet of Zork, the kingdom will be plunged into total war. Jeearr, a very strange being, seems helpful at first. But should you trust him? The fate of Zork may depend on your answer!

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* Author: Craig Shaw Gardner
* Release Date: 1988 (American edition)
* ISBN: 0380753855 (American edition)
Simon never wanted to meet an ogre. He never wanted to face a town full of terrors armed with an Acme Kitchen Wonder. But Simon was a con man who got caught and sentenced to deliver mail in the lovely town of Festeron.
It would have been an easy sentence if Festeron hadn't turned into the town of Witchville. Suddenly, Festeron wasn't lovely any more. The postmaster wanted to cancel him. The librarion wanted to shelve him. The Boot Patrol wanted to kick him. And Gloria, sweet Gloria, the girl of his dreams, was dating the entire Patrol.
Armed with a magic radio and a kitchen appliance, Simon must face ogres, grues, wraiths, and one really mean librarian to turn Witchville back into Festeron again.


* Author: Robin W(ayne). Bailey
* Release Date: 1989 (American edition)
* ISBN: 0380753863 (American edition)
Anesi was the grandson of the wizard Stribel Wartworth, but he'd never really studied magic. His father had pulled him out of the university after less than one semester. Anesi wasn't even allowed to use the little magic he knew.
Then the entire Thriff Guild of Enchanters came to his family's little house in the woods. The whole world was threatened by the evil of the Great Terror, and they were helpless before it. To fight the Great Terror would require a magical prodigy, one who was untouched by the petty temptations of a wizard's life.
It would require Anesi. With his friends at his side -- Fidget, Cubby the brogmoid, and Tyrillee the dryad -- he began his march to the south to face the greatest danger his world had ever known.

The Zork Chronicles:

* Author: George Alec Effinger
* Release Date: 1990 (American edition)
* ISBN: 038075388X (American edition)
Mirakles is a hero who can face the challenge of Zork with nothing more than his sword and faithful companion Glorian. With Glorian prodding him ever onward, Mirakles descends into the Great Underground Empire where he encounters Spike the Protector, the Dragon's Lair, the Wizard's Workroom, the winged vampire were-unicorn, and, of course, the Warm Boot of Frobozz.

The Lost City of Zork:

* Author: Robin Wayne Bailey
* Release Date: 1991 (American edition)
* ISBN: 0380753898 (American edition)
Dark days have come to Quendor and the city of Borphee. Caspar Wartsworth, a would-be adventurer and part-time barbarian, gets more than he bargained for when he stumbles into town. First he's arrested. Then he's sent to war as a galley slave.
Surviving a shipwreck, Caspar begins assembling a party of adventurers: an incompetent wizard, a sleeping princess, and an inexperienced thief. Their quest -- to free the Borphee Guild of Wizards!
But if encounters with kobolds, cutthroats, an enchanted castle, and an ugly old witch are more than they bargained for, how are they going to defeat King Duncanthrax -- and the whole army of Quendor?

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