The blue-skinned brogmoid Burble was the servant housepet of Krepkit of the Borphee Guild. Like all of his speices, his mind was little better than that of a clever three-year-old. Burble sprouted a bright pink mohawk that crowned a head with short stubbly hairs. A pair of three-inch fangs jutted up from his lower lip set upon a pale blue face. His pudgy arms frequently fit into a bright yellow, high-necked sweater with "I love Borphee" blazoned across the front in big black letters.

Krepit adopted him as the wizards' mascot and appointed him the keeper of their winecups. When Pseudo-Duncanthrax had imprisoned all the magicians of the Guild, or sent them off to war with Antharia, Burble had no one to take care of him, no one to tell him to go to bed. Satchmoz was the first to return to the Guild and since Krepkit was still missing, Satchmoz was his new boss. Satchmoz had trouble treating Esmerelda appropriately during her temporary stay at the Guild--this was because the Guild was restricted to male attendees and Burble, having lived there most of his life, did not know how to behave around women. Satchmoz used the brogmoid several times as an AIMFIZ anchor, especially when the enchanter and his companions entered the Borphee Royal Palace.

SOURCE(S): The Lost City of Zork