The beginning of the tenth century was marked by Syovar's plea for a unified Kingdom of Zork, which was considered by all leaders of the lands. He want to end the wars that had sapped the lives and resources of all, replacing it was peace so that all lands would be benefitted. The water-rich Antharia could irrigate the deserts of Kovalli in exchange for the Kovalli's secret insect-extermination spells that would cure Antharia's perennial locust plagues.

The leaders of all the lands, including Quendor, Vriminax, Kovalli, Kaldorn, Antharia, Galepath, Mareilon, had agreed to meet at the old city of Quendor in the Northlands. The tremendous respect that they felt for Syovar made the conference possible. If everything went according to plan, the treaty would be signed proclaiming a union between the lands. As the conference approached, a truce between all the warring neighbors had been observed—but instead of working toward peace, the nations had merely used this time to build huge armies, poised to attack should the treaty not be signed. These included the army of Galepath, ready to amass on the Aragain border, and the armada of Mareilon, ready to block the Aragain harbors.

If Syovar was not present at the conference, the treaty would not be made and Quendor would be merely the prelude to the worst bloodshed that the Land of Frobozz would have ever seen. This was where Jeearr surfaced his ugly feline head. This demon planned to lure Syovar into a trap that would prevent him from attending. Jeearr was successful, placing Syovar out of comission with an evil spell. Whether he survived or not, the condition prevented him from attending the Conference of Quendor.

The calamity was only averted with Bivotar and Juranda's recovery of the legendary Helm of Zork. Donning this Helm, Logrumethar was able to assume the appearance of his father. The only thing the prince feared was that his father would die before the Conference, and then everyone would know of his charade. But this was not the case, the Helm of Zork had fooled everyone at Quendor, they had really thought he was Syovar. Thus the Treaty of Quendor was signed.

Despite the results of the Conference, some remnants would still not be able to come to peace together. This included the outbreak of war between Lord Ellron and Sir Thaddeus Kaine in 924 GUE.

SOURCE(S): Zork: Conquest at Quendor, Zork Nemesis