Ed, like all embedded characters, was as thin as a drawing on a piece of paper. He seemed to be a very old man, tall and straight, with bushy eyebrows and piercing eyes. He carried a stout, almost two-dimensional hardwood staff in one hand and was dressed in a garment of shining cloth of curious workmanship, a long gray cloak, a tall pointed blue hat, a silver scarf covered by his long, gray beard, and on his feet a pair of admirable black boots. In his other hand was a scroll of paper.

Ed was one of Morgrom’s work, carving him on the rock wall of a coal mine connected to the Dungeon of Zork. For unknown reasons, Morgrom the Essence of Evil placed the scroll for the Second Secret of Redthirst in Ed’s hand, then the Essence of Evil took the embedded character’s form as a model.

Soon after, upon discovering the embedded character, Mirakles of the Elastic Tendon pried Ed loose from his place of imprisonment. Upon acquiring his father’s scroll, Mirakles permitted Ed to venture with him and his companions, Glorian of the Knowledge and Spike the Protector. These would be the best times that Ed had ever had, and he was grateful to them all for letting him accompany them.

While Ed proved to be a warm, friendly, courageous companion, he was incredibly silent, the others almost neglecting his presence at times. Ed saved the party from a seemingly infininte supply of zombies by chanting a spell. For the enchantment gave the embedded character control over their will, and he ordered the zombies back to work to finish the bank renovations before the deadline. The embedded character demonstrated extreme selflessness, sacrificing the patch of flint that made up his left knee in exchange for a permanent limp, to provide a means of igniting a fire to fuel a hot-air balloon. This gift would spell out his doom. Although he had an inordinate fear of heights, stemming from his fear of falling in general, the tumble with his companions down the flight of stairs that join the second and third levels of the Dungeon ended with the embedded character in a small pile of stone shards and rock dust.

In remembrance of his good humor, Mirakles took the remains of Ed with him and after his quest was complete in the Dungeon, laid him to rest in a place of honor in the realm of the Sunless Grotto.

SOURCE(S): The Zork Chronicles