Desiphae, Queen of the Sunless Grotto, never had any complaints living on a rock in the middle of her big unplumbed pool where she would gaze at her lovely reflections in the waters. It has been said that her two small, transparent, slowly beating wings, created the breath of air that supported all life in her kingdom. She had Flathead blood in her, although it is uncertain as to how diluted.

As a royal virgin, the queen never had natural relations with her husband, thus bore no children for King Hyperenor. That did not excuse her from unnatural relations with Thrag, the Dog-face God. Desiphae was visited by this pseudo-god in the guise of a year’s supply of microwave popcorn. Nine months later, she gave birth to her son Mirakles, as well as to a hideous monster known as Smorma, the great ravenous anemone. King Hyperenor did his best to kill Smorma at the instant of its birth, but it slipped from his hands and fell into the Grotto. The king was understandably distressed and confused by this entire ordeal, and he picked Mirakles up and threw him into the water after the anemone. The queen cried out in anguish and alarm, certain that Mirakles would drown instantly, but a miracle occurred. A magic creature, Akubasimé the Loon of Truth, swam up with the child clutching its long neck. Akubasimé flew away with Mirakles and for many years he was raised by laughing, happy, joyous gypsies in a land far away.

When Mirakles returned, he was raised by both his mother and father unaware that he was truly the son of Thrag. Desiphae knew of the first and second secrets of Redthirst, but not the third. After the death of King Hyperenor, Desiphae revealed the first secret of Redthirst to Mirakles before he set off looking for fame, fortune, a kingdom to conquer and the hand of a beautiful princess. In his temporary absence, she was set as regent of the Sunless Grotto until his return.

Morgrom, who from the morning of the first fresh rainfall that fed into the Sunless Grotto dared to boast that he would be Queen Desiphae's ultimate husband and sought for an opportune time to despoil her by force. Fearing this, Mirakles ferociously sought to defeat Morgrom, though it was the Control Character who finally obliterated this menace during the mid-tenth century, thus forever freeing Desiphae from his tyranny.

SOURCE(S): The Zork Chronicles