When Eru The One, spoke all creation—the multiverse—into existence, He placed one Control Character over each individual universe. This nearly incomprehensible being is the highest of the Upper Echelons, the utmost authority in the enforcement, upkeep and continual maintenane of all laws fashioned by Eru. Below the Control Character is the Autoexec, then The Powers That Be, and further, the host of Implementors. Some see the Control Character as an extention of The One into each of His universes, as each of these deus ex machinas are believed to have had an active hand in the creation of the particular one to which he is assigned.

For thousands of years, many beings, including those of the Supernatural and Fantastic Wayfarer's Association believed the Control Character to be mere non-existent myth. While there has been only one recorded sighting of the Control Character, it seems skeptical to believe that other occurances have not arisen. This possibly exclusive encounter took place at the White House in the mid-tenth century near the close of the First Age of Magic (966 GUE), when he deleted Morgrom the Essence of Evil from existence and then proceeded to award Mirakles of the Elastic Tendon, Spike the Protector, and Glorian of the Knowledge for the successful quest of the recovery of the Golden Dipped Switch and the defeat of the Autoexec (who briefly threatened to usurp the Control Character, something which could not even have been done had his plans been carried out). One of these rewards included the promotion of Glorian to an Implementor (a type of promotion that has not been recorded elsewhere in the annuals of Zork).

These eyewitnesses reported that the Control Character's appearance was in the likeness of a mysterious blur to mortals. But to the trans-dimensionally-enchanted eyesight of Glorian, it was an even weirder sight. It was a figure that was in constant change—a lion, a bluebird, a tulip, an old woman, a reindeer, an oak sapling, a slime mold, a teenage boy, a gray squirrel, a lobster, a salamander. The figure was changing so rapidly and so constantly that it did not hold the same form long enough to be visible to human eyes as other than a blur. A talking blur.

SOURCE(S): The Zork Chronicles, A History of Quendor