The Upper Echelons are a hierarchy of three powers assigned by Eru The One to each universe, to ensure the enforcement, upkeep, and continual maintenance of all of the holy and pure laws that he had fashioned; he allowed them to have a unique hand in the creation process of their respectively assigned universe. The highest in authority is the Control Character, a nearly incomprehensible being with authority just below The One. Below the Control Character is the Autoexec, and below the Autoexec is The Powers That Be. The Lower Echelons, also known as the body of Implementors, are beneath these three powers. The Upper Echelons have been gifted with the ability to take upon themselves a physical form to deliver the voice of Eru's will unto all creation. The Inner Halls of the Timeless Halls are the dwelling place of the Upper Echelons.

SOURCE(S): The Zork Chronicles, Zylon the Aged, A History of Quendor